Bulletin 週報消息-10082017

  1. Today we welcome Dr. Robert Miller for delivering the message. He is the Vice President Emeritus of Grace School of Theology in Houston, Texas.
  2. There will be indoor cleaning Oct. 22. Please plan to stay and help.
  3. The Children’s ministry will have Trunk or Treat on Friday Oct. 27th. Everyone is welcome to attend.
  4. Those who want to receive Baptism please contact Pastor Chi for the 4 Baptism classes.
  5. TCCCNA’s meeting this year will be in Baltimore, Maryland from Oct. 3rd-11th. Pastor Chi and Mrs. Chi will attend the meeting. Regarding Church matters please contact Clerk of the Session Elder.
  1. 本主日歡迎休士頓恩惠神學院名譽副院長Dr. Robert Miller 傳講信息。
  2. 本會10月22日(日)將舉行室內大清掃請兄姐們屆時留步協助。
  3. 兒童主日學將於10月27日舉行特別活動(Trunk or treat),歡迎父母親帶小孩們參加。
  4. 欲接受洗禮的兄姐請與牧師聯絡,欲受洗兄姐將接受四課之受洗課程。
  5. 北美教學年會及神學研究會10月3-11日將於巴城中華基督教會舉行,紀牧師夫婦將前往參加,牧師外出期間,有關教會事宜請與書記長老聯絡。