Bulletin 週報消息-12102017

  1. Pastor Chi will deliver the message in Taiwanese eve-ry 2nd & 4th Sunday of every month. Mandarin trans-lation will be provided on the ear sets.
  2. Today we will have indoor cleaning and set up Christmas decorations right after lunch. Please stay and help.
  3. Our Church will have an outreach program before Christmas. The Christmas worship and celebration will be on Dec. 24th (Sunday). Every fellowship please start preparing your programs for the Christ-mas.
  4. The Board of Deacons will hold their meeting next Sunday after lunch at 1:30pm.
  5. Those who want to receive Baptsim please contact Pastor Chi. Those who will receive baptism will need to take 4 baptism classes.
  1. 本會每逢每月之第二,四主日,紀牧師將以華語傳講信息,並提供無線耳機華語翻譯。
  2. 本主日愛餐後將舉行室內大清掃以及聖誕節之佈置,請兄姐們留步協助。
  3. 本會於聖誕節前將舉行社區服務活動,並於12月24日(主日)舉行聖誕禮拜與慶祝會,請教會各團契,主日學準備慶祝節目。
  4. 執事會將於下主日愛餐後1:15 pm舉行執事會議。
  5. 欲接受洗禮的兄姐請與紀牧師連絡,欲受洗兄姐將接受四課之洗禮課程。