Bulletin 週報消息-07302017

  1. Pastor Chi will deliver the message in Mandarin every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sunday of the month.
  2. The Board of Deacons will have their meeting today after lunch at 1:15pm.
  3. The English Fellowship Prayer meeting will meet this Wednesday (2nd) at 7pm.
  4. The Young Families Fellowship prayer meeting will meet this Thursday (3rd) at 7:30pm.
  5. Please prepare your hearts to receive Holy Communion next Sunday.
  6. The Young Families and English ministry fellowships will meet next Saturday (12th) for their Potluck and Bible study at the church from 5-8pm.
  7. TCCCNA’s meeting this year will be in Baltimore, Maryland from Oct. 3rd-7th. The registration forms are on the fellowship hall table.
  1. 本會每逢每月之第一,三,五主日,紀牧師將以華語傳講信息。
  2. 本主日愛餐後1:15pm將舉行執事會議。
  3. 英語團契將於本週三(2日)7:00pm舉行禱告會。
  4. 年輕家庭團契將於本週四(3日)7:30pm起舉行禱告會。
  5. 下主日將舉行聖餐禮典,請兄姐們預備心恭守。
  6. 年輕家庭團契與英語團契將於下週六(12日)5:00-8:00pm在教會舉行potluck聚餐與聚會,歡迎兄姐們參加。
  7. 北美教協年會及神學研究會10月3-7日將於巴城中華基督教會舉行,報名表於交誼廳桌上。